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Welcome to the Meadows of Hope

A rich tapestry of meadows, hedgerows, ponds, wetlands, and new woodland overlooking the beautiful Tanat Valley

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Dolydd Gobaith is a heritage project helping to restore precious upland habitat at the head of the Tanat valley. Still a productive landscape in keeping with farming traditions, but in transition to a haven for wildlife and a place where people and nature can come together to explore, learn, and enjoy.

These pastures will be allowed a chance to regenerate, helping the seed bank within them re-populate the surrounding farmed landscape with long dormant wildlife. Widening existing hedgerows, adding new wooded areas whilst maintaining ancient pasture with regenerative grazing all contribute to this aim.

There are orchards, with heritage species, and grazing management to favour wildflowers and fungi. You will encounter a variety of habitats - wetland, steep pasture, woodland, grove, clearing and meadow. Some areas are wild natural regrowth, some planted, some productive, managed and grazed. It is there to be explored. Enjoy stunning views, a choice of invigorating walks, and the fresh green landscape of the Tanat valley.

Aims & objectives

Protecting the natural world

Combat climate change

By planting new native woodland and kilometres of new hedgerow, the land at Dolydd Gobaith will naturall sequester carbon

Enhance local biodiversity

Through new planting, conservation grazing, and sensitive management of existing habitats, overseen by regular monitoring, Dolydd Gobaith seeks to increase the diversity and abundance of flora, fauna and fungi on site

Preserving the local culture and getting a yield

Find a sustainable harvest

Dolydd Gobaith is aiming to find ecologically and financially sustainable ways to produce food and oher useful commodities from the landscape

Preserve local heritage

By offering workshops teaching land-based skills, Dolydd Gobaith is hoping to preserve a strong tradition of managing the landscape that stretches back centuries


Dolydd Gobaith wouldn't be possible without support from the following organisations

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