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Bridget Neame

I have been involved in environmental projects for nearly 50 years (gosh, that makes me sound very old!) and in environmental education for much of that time. I feel strongly that each one of us needs to do whatever it is that we can to help solve the environmental issues of our time ā€“ climate change, loss of biodiversity, plastic pollution. However daunting the problems seem, we can all do something. My hope is that this project can help shine a tiny light on a better future.

Alastair Neame

I am an economic development consultant and former civil servant with a longstanding interest in environmental issues. Much of my day job involves helping organisations seek funding for projects in the public interest and this is as important as they come. From educational opportunities direct to the community, to biodiversity gain and meeting the global challenge of climate change, this project offers so many benefits and Iā€™m grateful to be a part of it.

Michael Clifton

I have worked on community based environmental projects for over 30 years. Much of this work has involved engaging with volunteers (in Shetland) on a large number of projects including recycling, sustainable development, environmental improvement, habitat management and carbon reduction initiatives. I now undertake targeted work with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and manage projects for a national charity tasked with increasing biodiversity within churchyards. I am also their Fundraising Officer.

Fiona Slater
Alan Bridger

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