Plans for a roundhouse

With support from Hafren Dyfrdwy supporting the development of community woodlands there are plans underway to construct a low impact structure on the land, which will serve as a multi-functional space for visitors to the site. We are drawing our inspiration from Cultivate in Newtown who have developed a wonderful roundhouse at their horticulture training centre at Pen Dinas, next to the Hafren theatre and Coleg Powys.

The roundhouse in Newtown, taken a few years ago

Gallery below of the original project which we started in 2010 at the Cwm Harry compost factory, that we subsequently moved to the Pen Dinas site in 2012. The conical roofed roundhouse was at Primrose Earth Awareness trust in Hay on Wye and is modeled on a in iron age design. We chose a different design previously, with a lower flatter, reciprocal beam roof, using a pond liner from butyl rubber to make the rood watertight. This also enabled us to add a living roof on top as well, seeded with wildflower seeds.